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Top Caribbean Honeymoon Destinations

The honeymoon is actually the most memorable time for any newly married couple to spend together. A few weeks with one another is exactly what you need after having had to go through weeks with so many people asking you about everything from wedding plans to the stress of moving from one home to another.

One of the most popular honeymoon spots is the Caribbean Islands. With numerous islands to choose from, you can definitely find the best island to spend your first few weeks as a newly married couple. Here are some of the top spots.

– The British Virgin Islands: These islands have a laid back casual atmosphere which makes them the perfect honeymoon destination. With fifty islands, islets, and cays, you can find plenty of spots here to get some time alone with your love and enjoy your honeymoon. There are plenty of beach bars here to enjoy and relax as well.

– Curacao: If you just want a little more energy, you should head over to Curacao. The capital of Willemstad not only provides you with historical sites to see, but there are plenty of places to go to for exciting nightlife as well. Besides this, the restaurants are amazing and the beaches are beautiful just like on all the other islands.

– Barbados: There are some beautiful resorts on the islands and a huge selection of water sports and other activities you can participate in during you stay here. For people looking for an active honeymoon, this is the place to go.

– The United States Virgin Islands: This part of the Caribbean also has plenty of beautiful resorts, some great sports opportunities, as well as great dining.

– St. Barthelemy: St. Barths has area of only eight square miles which makes it a very private place to have your honeymoon. All hotels have less than dozen rooms which gives you plenty of time to spend together with each other in ultimate privacy.

All the spots mentioned here have water sports present on them along with scuba diving and snorkeling. Besides this, there are shopping opportunities present on the islands, as well as the opportunity to walk around and explore the island on your own. You can also rent a boat and explore the many other islands around the island you are staying on. Another great opportunity on these islands is spa activities where you can book yourself for massages and other treatments every day. Finally, the food is wonderful at every resort, and you can truly enjoy a fine dining experience while you are on your honeymoon.

The Caribbean is the perfect place to head to for your honeymoon, and you can truly enjoy a holiday under the sun and on the beach with your significant other and take in a few relaxing weeks before you head back to your normal life with its crazy routine. Pick one of the spots mentioned above and book yourself in for a pampering holiday under the sun where you will utterly enjoy before you return home.


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